heyyy im vin, i also go by vincent, vinnith, and vinny. kin names are also included. i use he/they pronouns. my birthday is august 25th, i am a virgo. i cant figure out if i am gay or pansexual.







do not interact with me if you support pedophilia, you're here to bash your opinions on me, here to push religion on me (i absolutely HATE this. it makes me very uncomfortable.)

please interact with me if you are into BNHA, Monsterkind, Ok Ko, Vocaloid, AOT, Danganronpa, ect. If you wanna be friends don't be afraid to interact there as well. interact if you can take a joke and you're mature.

this is where im gonna keep a bunch of random shit like pins and what not.

maybe ill brag in here too or something idek